CAST: Master Ronak,   Ansh,  Kamal Chopra, Mushtak Khan  krush Debu,Shubhangi Poore And RAvi Bhatia
SYNOPSIS: atteched


Love, respect, honor & loyalty towards our country is fading away in today’s so called modern world. Due to globalization, job opportunities are on a rise and as everyone knows the youth have the scope to earn more & more money in different fields, but nobody desire’s to serve his nation & earn the satisfaction gained by it, therefore, the recruitment required in our army is continuously decreasing. Hence this movie motivates parents & especially children, bringing out a patriotic feeling in everyone and reminding them of the endless sacrifice



    The movie begins with the parents shifting along with their kids to a beautiful house on the outskirts of the city, to give the kids a better life style.

   The situation gets funny with the playfulness of the kids disturbing the peace of the old fashioned retired colonel. He dislikes them because of their naughtiness & to make it worst his wife gets very fond of the kids & invites them home. He feels that being an Ex – army officer is more precious than anything in this world & that his spirit of patriotism gives him the fullness of life which he wants the children to learn. One day it so happens that the kids have an unavoidable stay at the colonel’s house as their parents had an important official work that day. Here’s when a sudden twist takes place, the boys handle a very critical situation with great bravery showing their capabilities, their    unbeatable talent of being modern kids as if inspired by the colonel and finally impressing the colonel & changing his point of view towards them. This film is a purely kid’s oriented movie.  The movie is full of music, drama, comedy, emotions & it also emphasizes on the responsibilities of the children towards their parents, elders and the nation.