Synopsis of the film

Women of India is a social Hindi Feature film and the film’s story revolves around Delhi and its outskirts. The movie basically shows the conflict between Women of Today and Men of Yesterday. There are three girls, close friends, but with different views on life and culture. One of them is completely westernized who believes in open relationships, the second one is homely type with commitment to family values while third one is a lesbian. All these girls are music lovers and are looking for sponsors to organize a musical concert for students.


Unfortunately they experience an unfair and conditional treatment from the sponsors but are determined to make the concert a big success. While they are in process of organizing the concert and when they are returning from a pub along with their boyfriends they have an open encounter with men of yesterday with different thinking and this incident changes the personality of these girls especially when their boyfriends desert them at nick of time.

The girls try to seek help from police but in vain this makes them realize that when they are not at fault then why and from whom they should be afraid of or ashamed of. Looking forward to their commitment to musical concert they gather strength, try to overcome the fear and expose the culprits and make them change their thinking about today’s Women and come out as WINNERS.