11 Minutes, Hindi, India, 2015

Script: Promila Nainwal

Cast: Navneet Gairola, Urmila Kandwal,  Sachin Petwal, Hansin Jain, Aakriti Thapa, Seema Jhingan

Music Director : Raj Rawat

DOP: Anil Vohra, Camera Assistant: Narender, Sanjay Gairola

Audio Recording: Sanjay Gairola

Lights: Narender

Screen Play: Promila Nainwal

Story, Editor & Direction : Rakesh Nainwal



This story is about Sahil (a school going child). Sahil’s Parents are busy with their work that they don’t have enough time to give to Sahil. Due to this Sahil has become very discipline in every way. His parents wonder what has happened to him. There is always complaints about him from school, neighbourhood. In the end his parents realize that they are responsible for his behaviour.