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Director: Nila Madhab Panda


-Cast: Kunal kapoor, Radhika Apte, Saurabh Shukla and Gulshan Grover.


-Cinematography: Subhransu das


-Script : Deepak Venkateshan


-Editor: Birenjyoti Mohanti and Dipika Kalra


-Music Composer: Bishakh Kanish


-Sound Designer: Sameer Kumar Mohapatra


-Producer: One Drop Foundation with Eleeanora Images






A satire on water crisis where water actually becomes so scare that it’s elevated to (or reduced) the trade currency for all transactions! Set in the rain-shadow areas of Orissa, Kaun Kitney Paani Mein travels between two villages fighting over water reservoir, since acouple of decades.


Its a story of the two warring villages, Upri (The Exalted) and Bairi (The Outsiders) that have always been divided because of money, caste and power hierarchy. Initially, there existed only one village for its powerful kingdom and great economic and social status. Bairi was created as a place of banishment for those who went against the king .


Thirty years back, love between 2 castes led to the total banishment of “the workers” from Upri to the newly created village of Bairi.

This Scarcity propels the new king to realize that he has only one trump card and that is his son raj. He coerces his own to go and impregnate the daughter of the Bairi Village chieftain.

What the king has not factored in, is the changes in raj when he goes to bairi. He falls in love with the girl instead. The film takes a satirical look against the backdrop of a traditional love story but all set in a realm where water is the new currency.

The  film resides in the genre of satire, a rare-to-come by treatment in Indian cinema, where an ever rarer plotline aimed at positive social outcome.


Not since “Jaane bhi do yaaron” a film like this has been attempted where the surreal and the real lose their boundaries and lead to a serious discussion. Produced with both scale and grandeur, with multi-location shoots in the heart of Orissa, with grand music, action and dollops romance – the film will tickle the heart and tackle the mind with a Firm grip.



Producer/Director – NILA MADHAB PANDA

Nila Madhab Panda is the new age zfilm maker has produced many significant documentaries at the beginning of his career, before moving moving into mainline cinema in 2008. His first feature film, the highly acclaimes “I am Kalam”has won 28 International awards, one national award, two industry award and several nominations and international screenings.


His second film, “Jalpari – The desert Mermaid”, has been critically as well as received very well by the audience, besides also receiving the “MP Junior Award”for the best film in Cannes 2012. The 3rd Indian commercial film “Babloo Happy Hai” based on the youth and HIV/AIDS was critically acclaimed.


His much awaited canadian Co-Production, “Kaun Kitney paani Mein” (in troubled waters), a satire set up in rural area on water crisis, is all set for a grand release.


He has founded the International “Screenwriter” Lab in India for script development which is a part of his movement called “India New Wave Cinema” aimed at changing the Face of Bollywood. He was selectedas “India’s Creative Future” in 2007. He was a “United Nations Media Fellow” in 2003 and got the UK FILM FELLOWSHIP in 2005. In 2010, he was also awarded the “Excellence in Media” for his work.


He has also received “Karaamveer Puraskar”, “Living Legend”,”Orissa icon”, Heroism in Cinematography” and “South Asian Enterpreneurship Award”. He was also the “Indian Creative Associate” for the UK Arts Council funded Moti Roti, 60X60 Programme which commisioned 60 short films on home and beyond in India, Uk and Pakistan. He was also a part of Thinkers 50 of India in 2003.


Some of the awards the film won are listed here:

  • Viewers’ Choice award at IFFLA, Los angles 2011
  • Best Feature Film in Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, 2011
  • People’s Choice Award at the Montreal International Children’s Film Festival, 2011
  • Best Feature Film award at Silent River Film Festival (SRFF), California, 2011
  • Best Director award at Silent River Film Festival (SRFF), California, 2011
  • Best Child Actor award at Silent River Film Festival (SRFF), California, 2011
  • Winner of “The Don Quixote Prize” of the International Cine Club Federations at the Lucas International Film Festival, Germany, 2010
  • Winner of “Best feature film” at the Lucas International Film Festival, Frankfurt 2010
  • “Special Jury mention” CineKid International Film Festivals, Amsterdam 2010
  • “International Jury’s Special Mention” at the Ale Kino International Film Festival, Poland 2010
  • Bronze Cairo for Best Feature at Cairo International Film Festival for Children, Cairo, 2012
  • The Prize of the International Center of Films For Children & Young People (CIFEJ) at the Cairo International Film Festival for Children, Cairo, 2012
  • Special Diploma for the Best Actor Work at Minsk International Film Festival Listapadzi, 2011
  • “Best actor work” at the Minsk International Film Festival 2010
  • Winner of “Best feature film” from the Indian Panorama by the Young Jury at the 41st International, Film Festival of India 2010
  • Best Debut Director – Aravindam Purashkaram, 2011
  • Golden Elephant Award for the Best Screenplay at 17thInternational Children’s Film Festival, India,2011
  • Special Mention to Harsh Mayar at the 17thInternational Children’s Film Festival of India, 2011
  • Best Feature Film in CMS International Film Festival, 2011
  • ‘National Award for best child actor 2011
  • “Audience Favorite choice” at the Barbican London Children Film Festival 2010
  • Audience Favorite at Barbican London Children’s Film Festival, 2011
  • Best Feature Film, Dream Fest – Slatina, 2012


Panda has founded the “International screenwriters lab” in India to create quality family and children’s film scripts in Asian Cinema, which is a part of his movement for “India new Wave Cinema” and for changing the face of Bollywood.



Additional recognition and honor:


  • Selected as “India’s Creative Future in 2007” and got the “Longest Journey Award” from the IIM-B & the British Council.
  • “United Nations Media Fellow” in 2003 by UNDP
  • Received the UK Film Fellowship in 2005.
  • Honoured with the “Excellence in Media” for his work on socially relevant issues, in 2010.
  • Received the “Karmaveer Puraskar-2011”, on his contribution on sociall issues through film medium.
  • Living Legend of Odisha Award 2012
  • Odisha Icon 2011
  • Heroism in Cinematography 2003 by THP.
  • South Asian Entrepreneurship award.
  • Served as the “Indian Creative Associate” for the UK Arts Council-funded Moti Roti 360 degrees 60×60 programme, which commissioned 60 short films on home and beyond in India, the UK and Pakistan.
  • Cultural ambassador of Odisha 2013.
  • Honoured as “Odia pua- Son of Odisha 2012”



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