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Untitled: The Words Left Unsaid

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Untitled -The Words Left Unsaid

8 minutes, Hindi / India / 2015




Nitin, A 16 year old boy write letters to his dead mother and waits for her reply. During this he gets some problems of his land also.


Writer, Editor & Director: Sachin Aggarwal

Cast: Harsh Mayar, Jitender Singh, Ansh Malik, Yogender Bhardwaj, Sam Panchal

Cinematography: Lakshya Soni

Sound: Satendera Kumar

Assistant Director: Shikhar A K Kajal, Shankar, Akshit Gandhi

Production Manager: Ashu Saini

Colour Correction: Veronica Singh


This is a student film project under the Institute – State Institute of Film & Television, Rohtak


Shooting Format: Digital (Available in MP4 HD)

Genre: Emotional Drama



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