Bringing the world to Dehradun and showcasing the film talent under one roof

Reel to Real Friendship

Core Values
Core values for the Festival include artistic excellence, creativity, hospitality, accessibility, and fiscal responsibility. VBF is noted for its welcoming environment for musicians and audience members, and strives to be inclusive and accessible through outreach concerts, post-concert chats with artists, and open rehearsals.

The Dehradun International Film Festival (DIFF) aims at not only bringing local talent and regional Film Producers & Directors closer to Bollywood and Hollywood but simultaneously boost Domestic & International Tourism. This shall also enable the youth to exhibit their tremendous potentialities and abilities to celebrities from all across.  Block buster films will be part of the RED CARPET display. Awards will be given for various categories of films and film makers. Also, various competitions will be organised and the winners will be awarded.

DIFF aims at providing not only a common platform for the cinema of the world to showcase their best film art but also to understand different film cultures across the globe. DIFF intends to lay the foundation stone of friendship among the global film makers, become an eye opener for new film makers /Amateur film makers, provide an ambience of learning experience for all film lovers and open new horizons for joint ventures. At the same time, we wish to promote the relatively unexplored land of Dehradun among national and international film makers.